Model No. Height Weight Load Rating
TRDSF3D 0.9 M 5.5 kg 150 kg
TRDSF4D 1.2 M 6.6 kg 150 kg
TRDSF5D 1.5 M 8.2 kg 135 kg
TRDSF6D 1.8 M 9.4 kg 135 kg
TRDSF7D 2.1 M 12 kg 120 kg
TRDSF8D 2.4 M 13 kg 120 kg


Industrial Double Sided Fibreglass Step Ladder

  • Durable lightweight design uses robust fibreglass side rails and structural grade high tensile aluminium steps to provide greater strength.
  • These ladders are designed to be used where an electrical hazard might exist so as to offer greater protection for the user.
  • Semi tubular steel rivet construction for enhanced durability.
  • All aluminium components have been anodized for better corrosion resistance and lower retention of dirt and grime.
  • Diagonal locking design spreader bar to allow for single handed deployment of the ladder.
  • Anti slip moulded rubber feet for added safety.
  • Double brace on bottom step for superior rigidity.
  • Lightweight for easy movement and operation.
  • A 3-year warranty for faulty materials or workmanship is provided, enhanced by a 10 year warranty for all structural aluminium components.

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