Model No# Height Weight Load Rating
PROS3D 0.9 M 4.0 kg 180 kg
PROS4D 1.2 M 5.6 kg 180 kg
PROS5D 1.5 M 6.3 kg 180 kg
PROS6D 1.8 M 7.8 kg 180 kg
PROS7D 2.1 M 9.4 kg 180 kg
PROS8D 2.4 M 11.0 kg 180 kg
PROS9D 2.7 M 13.2 kg 180 kg
PROS10D 3.0 M 15.2 kg 180 kg
PROS12D 3.6 M 17.6 kg 150 kg
 PROS14D 4.3 M 19.6 kg 150 kg


Durable Heavy Duty Industrial Double Sided Aluminium Ladder

  • These robust heavy duty ladders have been designed to last and incorporate the best methods of joining the industrial grade aluminium structural components so that the ladder can withstand repeated use without the joints loosening.
  • The steps are fastened to the side rails with solid aluminium rivets.
  • The rear section utilizes a 3-piece rung joint system.
  • All aluminium components have been anodized for better corrosion resistance and lower retention of dirt and grime.
  • Extra strong spreader bars and foot covers have been used to enhance the life of the ladder.
  • A blue copolymer tool tray top with paint can hook, to organize your tools, has been included for the single sided step ladder.
  • A lifetime warranty for faulty materials or workmanship is provided.

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